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Dan Magness 1

Dan Magness is coming to Woking Platinum!

We’re delighted to announce that Dan Magness, the football freestyler, will be joining us at our Woking centre to put on a session for all of our players. Dan is a world-record holder of the longest keepie-uppie and also the holder of the longest distance gone while doing keepie-uppie. He managed to go 36 miles without letting the ball touch the ground.

Dan Magness

Dan has re-arranged for Monday 3rd July, so we’re looking forward to his visit. We had the pleasure of welcoming him to our Staines centre in May. The players loved working with him and picked up some new tricks and skills to practice further. His performance included getting our players and coaches up to showcase their skills.

Dan Magness 2
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Dan Magness 4
Dan Magness 5

Dan will be putting on a performance 20 minutes before the end of the session, so try to get there early if you’re on picking up duties!


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